GV Updates

Friday May 12, 2023

We hope the information below will give you a snapshot of what to expect when you arrive at GV…

  • Water – Our water has been turned on throughout the entire campground. Note: keep in mind that we have chlorinated our system so just turn on your outside spigot and let it run for a minute or so. The water may be discolored at first but will then turn crystal clear.
  • Visitors – There will be no charge for visitors this weekend but please remember that all visitors still need to register so have them come into the barn before entering the campground (yes, even children).
  • Sewer/New Leech Field – Our septic system is up and running although when you pull into the campground you will see a large ground construction project which is our new leach field. The current system is still in full operation… bottom line is, you don’t need to do anything different on your end.
  • Cable TV – is active to all sites, you may have to scan to find channels again depending on the type of tv you have. If you have any issues with getting connected call us at the barn. Please double check that everything is connected properly.
  • Internet – If you have internet service, let this serve as a reminder to call Breezeline and reactivate yours.
  • Playgrounds/Swing sets – After seeing the kids enjoy almost 18 years of our previous swing sets, it was finally time for them to retire. We didn’t feel it was safe enough to leave them in place until the new ones are installed so we will have a couple weekends without until the new sets arrive.

Hope to see you soon!





Friday July 2, 2021

This weather has got us all scrambling just to figure things out. What events to have, when to have them, and even then hope that we've made the right choice... specifically when it comes to the bike parade. Even though it might not be raining at that time, the roads will make it near impossible with all the puddles and kids bike tires getting stuck in the mud; it just wouldn't work out for the little ones.

We've made some changes so please look the new schedule over, depending on the weather there could possibly be more changes.

Updated Weekend Schedule due to Rain...

Friday July 2nd

  •   ▪   8pm     Adult Bingo – pavilion

Saturday July 3rd

  •   ▪   11am    Courtney's Crafts – pavilion
  •   ▪   7pm     Saturday Night at the Races – pavilion

Sunday July 4th

  •   ▪   8-10am     Pancake Breakfast – pavilion
  •   ▪   11am     Candy Bar Bingo – pavilion
  •   ▪   7pm     Adult Bingo – pavilion
  •   ▪   8:45pm     Bonfire – pavilion (weather dependent)

Tuesday July 6th

  •   ▪   11am     Courtney's Crafts – pavilion



Wednesday May 5, 2021

    Dear GV Campers,
We’re all excited to get our 2021 camping season going although, the rain doesn’t seem to care about us campers.  These rain events continue to push our staff away from the projects they are trying hard to get finish. Just so we can get everyone going and get this season started, we decided to do something a little different this year.  We are going to allow overnight camping starting this Friday May 7th… however we do need most of next week to complete our power upgrades and electrical services so, we ask that you head home just one more time come the end of day Sunday May 9th. Then we will see you all again Friday May 14th for our official “Open for the Season”.

Please Note: We are currently working on many sites throughout the entire campground (between rainy days of course). So, if you happen to have one of the sites we’re working on and have a question about anything regarding your site, please call the barn and we’ll send someone down to see you.

So the long and the short of today’s posting all comes down to this… if you were hoping/planning to stay overnight at Grand View, we’ll see you this weekend!!

Barn Hours
   Friday – 12pm to 9pm
   Saturday – 8am to 9pm
   Sunday – 8am to 3pm

Firewood Delivery is available… just order online or come on into the barn and we will bring it to your site!

See you this weekend!!




Thursday April 29, 2021

    Dear GV Campers,
We hope you are doing well and we’re looking forward to seeing you all soon.
With opening day just around the corner, we’ve got a few things to share with you…


  •   ▪   Main Entrance – the gates will be open roughly 8am to 7pm each day.
  •   ▪   Parking on Site – as of now there is a lot of rain in the upcoming forecast, please be mindful of where you are parking as some sites can be softer
          than others.
  •   ▪   Bark Mulch – Mulch has arrived! As usual, the “help yourself” mulch pile will be waiting for you by the upper playground.
  •   ▪   Electric Bills – in speaking with many of our GV families during the off season we came to realize how many of them have been deeply affected by
          this pandemic. So many experiencing cutbacks in salary or loss of jobs. To help those in need we decided to hold off as long as we could before
          sending out the 2020 electric statements. We will be getting these out to you over the next few days… for those with a credit card on file, you should
          be receiving an email shortly.
  •   ▪   Official Opening Day – although the official opening day is May 15th we always do what we can to open earlier… we will send out a text blast at
          the beginning of next week, this rain is really giving us a challenge.
  •   ▪   Water – the water is up and running throughout the campground!
  •   ▪   Electricit’s all set!
  •   ▪   Cable – on and ready! Reminder: you many have to re-scan your tv
  •   ▪   Internet – for those who have it… you may want to call to reactivate!
  •   ▪   Call the Barn – Please… if you have any questions, concerns or comments just call the barn. We are here to help.




Saturday March 20, 2021

    It’s with a heavy heart that I want to take a moment to acknowledge and honor the lives of the far too many members of our campground families that have passed on. Many of you are connected in one way or another to some, if not all of those we’ve lost and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you and your families. 
    On an even more personal note, many of you are aware that I lost my mom in January and I want to personally thank everyone for their kindness, support, the postings on the Friends of Grand View page as well as the many cards and donations made to St. Judes. She was the rock of our family and we miss her terribly. I love you Mom.
    As many of you know, this past week Richard “Dick” Grondin passed away. Dick was known by all to be the “unofficial mayor of Grand View” where he spent the last 40 years camping and devoting himself to helping make GV what it is today for all of us. Our friendship goes back almost 30 years, long before GV and I will forever miss his friendship, his laughter, his knowledge for problem-solving, his advice & his devotion to volunteering at GV... I love you & I will miss you, my friend.