COVID-19 & Other GV Updates

Thursday July 23, 2020 6:00pm

     Hello to all!

Kid’s Fishing Derby
Saturday August 1st

We have some fun news to share with you… 

We are finally approved by the State of New Hampshire to conduct an event that over the years has been very special to so many families at Grand View!
Saturday August 1st Grand View will be holding its 18th annual Kid’s Fishing Derby!!!
Of course, we will be changing some things up in order to hold this event in the safest manner possible when it comes to social distancing and all the guidelines that are expected of us.
In the past, this day has also consisted of water slides, bounce houses, dunk tanks, cotton candy, etc.  Unfortunately, due to obvious reasons, this portion of the day cannot be had, however we will certainly find a way to have a proper award ceremony.  We will keep you posted on those details.
Signups will be held at Beach 1 at 9:00am and then it’s… “let the fishing begin”.  Remember, this is a Derby (which is noncompetitive).  This is not a tournament (which can be very competitive)… all we want for the kids is a participation event, we want the kids to ‘JUST HAVE SOME FUN’ – there will be no weigh ins. Just spending time together is what it’s all about.
Need Worms? We’ll save you a trip to the barn by having worms and crawlers at signups on the Beach ($2 each).
Teens 13 to 16 can choose if they want to participate in Kid’s Fishing Derby or Adult Fishing Tournament.


Adult Fishing Tournament
Saturday August 8th …. early AM    Z Z z z
We have also received our permit and been approved by the State of New Hampshire to conduct the Adult Fishing Tournament!!
Details to follow




Saturday June 20, 2020 7:15pm

     Hello to all!

We hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the summer ahead! As things continue to head in the right direction with regards to COVID-19, the NH Governor's Task Force, and the City of Rochester's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) we finally have some good news to share with you! With the ease on some of the restrictions that were put in place for campgrounds we can now start our transition back to the Grand View we've all come to know and love.

     Starting Friday, June 26th, 2020

  • - VISITORS - We're so excited to tell you that visitors are finally welcome at campgrounds!
  • - BASKETBALL - We've been approved to open up the court with a maximum of 10 players but have been restricted from suppling the basketballs. BYOB (bring your own basketball). Suggestion: Grab a sharpie and put your initials on it.
  • - SOCCER - We've been approved to open up the field with a maximum of 10 players but have been restricted from suppling the soccer ball. BYOSB (bring your own soccer ball). Suggestion: Grab a sharpie and put your initials on it.
  • - HORSESHOES - We've also been approved to open up the pits with a maximum of 10 but have been restricted from suppling the shoes. BYOS (bring your own shoes).
  • - PLAYGROUNDS - All playgrounds will be set up and ready to go. There is a maximum of 10 people allowed at a playground at a time. GV will be disinfecting them frequently.
  • - Bingo - We are working closely with the EOC to also get this approved for next weekend. We are pushing hard for this to happen and are promised an answer by mid-week... fingers crossed!
  • Be Safe!



Thursday May 14, 2020 7:00pm

     Hello to all!

We hope you're doing well and look forward to seeing you all soon!
Well here we are, the time has come, starting tomorrow May 15th, Grand View will open for the 2020 camping season!
As mentioned in previous postings, campgrounds in NH have been approved for seasonal campers as well as seasonal pass members, but along with our approval to open there will be some considerable changes. We must work together to follow the guidelines set in place by the Governor and his Task Force as well as the city of Rochester, or we run the risk of being closed down.


Seasonal Pass Members - Will be OK!... if you plan on getting a seasonal pass for family or friends that will be camping with you frequently, stop by the barn and we'll get you guys set up.

No Visitors - Sorry, but the Governor is very firm on this ruling (at least for now). We honestly hope this ruling gets reversed soon.
The following will be closed until further notice:

  • - Playgrounds
  • - Basketball court
  • - Pavilion
  • - Public bath houses

The following will be slightly different:

  • - Barn - Will be closed for hanging out, but will be open for customer service
  • - Store - Limited to 2 individuals. EXCEPTION: family members staying in the same trailer may come in together
  • - Activity Schedule - temporarily suspended until further updates from the state
  • - Soccer Field - The guidelines will not allow us to put the nets up, although we encourage the kids to get some exercise by kicking a ball around, tossing a baseball, lacrosse, etc. as long as they are social distancing
  • - Horseshoes - can easily be done by social distancing, because the horseshoes are shared between partners you must have some type of hand covering (thin gloves)
  • - Trailer Capacity - trailers/RVs have a maximum limit of 8 occupants
  • - Campfires - outdoor gatherings have a maximum of 10 people
  • - Beaches - We've all seen on TV that public beaches are closed, HOWEVER, our beaches are private. We are coming up with a plan that will work for our beaches at Grand View
  • - Masks - GV strongly suggests and encourages the use of face masks (mandatory in the barn

On a personal note:
For those who have come to know me and my visions for this campground, this is not it. I believe as adults we can adjust to almost anything. I really think it will be a lot more difficult for the kids, whereas these guidelines that we all must follow take away so much of what they love about camping. They're so accustomed to being able to run free and being involved in so many different activities. Knowing so many of you, and the way you are with your kids, I'm sure you'll be going over a lot of this with them so they will know what to expect when they arrive. Trust me, we will be creative in coming up with some awesome/fun activities for the kids to do during these trying times. We will continue to keep you posted.
Be Safe!




Saturday May 9, 2020 1:00pm

     Hello to all!
I hope you're all hanging in there! We just received final word late yesterday from the governor's office that we are GOOD TO GO!!!
Yes, Grand View will officially open its gates for the 2020 camping season Friday May 15th!
Whereas we just received our official guidelines, we will spend the weekend reviewing this guidance line by line, then we'll send out a posting which will bring you all up to speed as to what changes to expect for the beginning of our season. For those who are thinking of coming up next weekend, there are a couple of things that we can share with you now as you're making your plans. Keeping in mind the state of New Hampshire is doing everything in its power to control or at least mitigate the spread of the virus, they are pressing hard on a couple of things that we love about our campground, but in order for us to open, we must follow these guidelines.

  • - No Visitors
  • - Seasonal Pass Members will be allowed
  • - Playgrounds closed
  • - No pavilion activities
  • - No people/kids hanging in the barn
  • - YES, we can still sit around the campfire. There is a 10 person maximum, 6 feet apart.

Yes, it will be a little different up there at first, certainly a great place to relax while enjoying a much needed change of scenery and seeing your summer friends! Honestly, I don't like this anymore than you do but very happy that we are allowed to open!
Thank you and you can expect a more detailed posting laying everything out next week!
Be Safe!



Friday April 24, 2020 4:00pm

     Hello to all!

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be. Try to stay positive, ‘this too shall pass’. As each day passes we’re getting one day closer to finally waking up one morning at Grand View!

We have a few updates for you as we make our way towards opening day. The water is turned on and you can drive in... specific details below!

    - Driving In & Parking - >We will have the gate open from 8am to 7pm. As you know ‘all sites are not created equal’ all we mean by this is that some sites are a bit soft and not firm enough for parking. Please just check that your site is not soft before pulling your car onto it. If it is soft just park along the side of the road or borrow a neighbor’s driveway for a few hours, lol.

    - Campground Bath Houses - Sorry, but they are closed for obvious reasons.

    - Water - The water is turned on for the weekend, this should help with cleaning & bathroom needs. Although we do have a couple of underground repairs to do, we will get you through the weekend and take care of those repairs during the week ahead. Before you leave we ask that you please disconnect your water hoses from the spigot as we will be installing all new check valves. ~ Also, wells have just been chlorinated.

    - Camp fires - Sorry, not yet; the fire department will be issuing our permit soon.

    - GV Distancing - Please remember social distancing mandates in place for everyone’s safety.

    - Leaves and Trash - Leaves, branches, etc can be left in a pile by the road; trash can also be left (separate from those piles) on the side of the road in tied up trash bags.



    Thursday April 23, 2020 3:00pm


    Annually we're required to send the City of Rochester a list of trailers that are registered as of 4/1/20. If you've paid to register your camper, you don't have to pay taxes on it as well! Please call Donny ASAP at (603) 332-1263 it your trailer was registered by 4/1/2020.

    Be Safe!



    Wednesday April 22, 2020 3:45pm

         Hello to all

    We hope you're all doing well and staying safe.

    Since our last posting there's been a lot going on and we'd like to bring you all up to speed. The crew has been pressing forward to get our campground up and running. As mentioned before the electric and cable are all set. We've had to put a temporary hold on turning on the water whereas tonight is expected to drop below freezing (again), but still hopeful we'll be all set for the weekend...keep you posted.

    Our goal is for Grand View to be your 'Safe Place'; after all it is, for many, your "Summer home" and we take your safety very seriously. In light of taking as many safety measures as possible, we have been working closely with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This group consists of the heads of several Departments within the City of Rochester including the police dept, fire dept, health dept as well as others. They have reached out to us several times offering some very insightful information and have been a pleasure to work with. With the spike in COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts as well as other states, the EOC has strongly requested for us to delay the opening another week. So with a heavy heart it now appears our opening day will be Friday, May 15th, 2020.

    I want to give you a brief idea of some things that will be different at GV as you consider when to begin your season. Remember, these are just a few changes you will see at the start of the camping season; others are sure to follow.

    - Bathrooms/showers - Closed

    - Swing sets - Removed

    - Basketball courts - No Hoops & No Balls

    - Changes in the Activities Schedule

    - No Barn hangout

    - Social Distancing

    On a brighter note... the sun will shine, the trees will bud, the campfires will glow and YES, the boat docks will be in the water (what a great way for families to be together spending time on the lake)!

    - We're Here to Help! so please, as always, fell free to call us should you ever have any questions. We can be reached at (603) 332-1263


    Saturday April 11, 2020 10:01am

         A 2nd message from Bob...

    Hello to all

    For anyone thinking of coming to GV within the next week, we've created a list of some helpful pointers:

    - Can I come up to GV? Yes! Absolutely, take a drive up and get away for a day; maybe get a little exercise and fresh air by starting to get your sites ready.

    - Can we drive in yet? Sorry, not just yet. The roads are still very soft in many areas. We will keep you posted when you can drive in.

    - Are my site utilities turned on yet? Electricity is always active throughout the year and cable TV is up and running.

    - Is the water on? No, not yet; because it's still cold enough to snow (as it has a little the past two days) we are going to wait another week or so to make sure our water lines don't freeze.

    - Will the camp bathrooms be open? Same as above, with the water not on yet these are not open either. The bathrooms may not be open for a while due to the pandemic we are currently facing.

    - What do I do with all my leaves, branches, and trash? Leaves, branches, etc can be left in a pile by the road; trash can also be left (separate from those piles) on the side of the road in tied up trash bags.

    - IMPORTANT REMINDER: Let's work together to keep GV as safe a place as possible... PLEASE remember that social distancing is extremely important. While it's great to see our summertime friends again, we must all be careful and keep to the recommended 6 foot distance. Masks are recommended to keep yourselves and others safe. PLEASE, stress this to all the kids as well.

    - We're Here to Help! so please, as always, fell free to call us should you ever have any questions. We can be reached at (603) 332-1263



    Saturday April 11, 2020 9:28am

         A message from Bob...
    I'd like to start off by saying that I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these extremely difficult times. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that are dealing with the heartache caused by this terrible virus. As of Monday, April 6, 2020 the governor of New Hampshire has approved campgrounds to be open!!! Although there's sure to be some changes in the way we start our season off with things like social distancing currently being part of our everyday life, we will certainly figure it all out and we will follow any guidelines required by us from the governor's office. We will keep you closely posted on those potential changes. As for now, rest assured that we are working hard each and every day to get ready for your arrival, as I truly believe that it's this year, that you all need Grand View more than ever! Please keep in mind, we've all seen things change very quickly with this virus. We remain hopeful that the governor stays the course with the decision for campgrounds to open. With that being said, we anticipate opening Friday, May 8th, 2020 (Mother's Day Weekend) to kick off our 2020 camping season! I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Stay safe.
    Thank you,
    Bob Williams
    PS We are sending out a separate post for anyone thinking of taking a drive up.